Malou Airaudo / Renegade


Malou Airaudo was portrayed in the Dance Platform ProgrammBUCH in 2012.

The complete portrait can be found in “Materials”.

  • Ausschnitt aus dem ProgrammBUCH der Tanzplattform 2012

  • So Nicht!


Malou Airaudo and Renegade: this is the story of a cooperation which began in 2008 with “Schwarze Katze” and continued in 2010 with “Irgendwo”. Renegade’s trademark is... (Excerpt from the Dance Platform ProgrammBUCH 2012.)

The complete portrait from 2012 can be found in “MATERIALS”.


References to 2012 tour repertoire can be found on the portrait page in “MATERIALS”.


Malou Airaudo, born in 1948 in Marseilles, began her dance training at the age of eight at the ballet school of the Opéra de Marseille, where she danced in the ensemble under Joseph Lazzini. Engagements with...(Excerpt from the Dance Platform ProgramBUCH 2012.)

The complete biography from 2012 can be found on the portrait page in “MATERIALS”.