Dance Platform in Germany 1998

The German Dance Platform 1998 took place in Munich from February 26th - 28th 1998.

In the framework of the German Dance Platform 1998 the pre-selection for the international choreographer's competition "Les Recontres choréographiques Internationales de Seine-Saint-Denis" in Paris was also presented.

The question of space - for art, producing, presenting, experimenting - was, along with the political situation, the key issue for dance.
The 1998 publication poured a "foundation of thought" for this issue: four artists were chosen as examples of how one was working in and with space.

In addition, to reflect the theoretical discourse of the day, 20 selected choreographers were interviewed on their approach to time, space, bodies, media and their understanding of dance.


Jo Fabian / department Berlin 
"Alzheimer light" 

Wanda Golonka Pocking 

Angela Guerreiro / Angela Guerreiro Prod. Hamburg 
"Fade" * 

Henrietta Horn Essen 
"Diu Vallende Suth" * 

Rui Horta Frankfurt / Main 
"Bones and Oceans" 

Anna Huber Berlin 
"brief letters" 

Mark Johnson / Detektor Berlin 
"The Making of Lover's Report" 

Xavier Le Roy / Le kwatt Berlin 
"Narcisse Flip" 

Rodolpho Leoni / Rodolpho Leoni Dance Wuppertal 
"Mariado" (Kurzfassung von "M") * 

Micha Purucker / Dance Energy München 
"Bodyscape's" (1. Teil: "Shifting Stills") * 

Ingo Reulecke Berlin 
"Inversion" (1. Teil von "Eklipse") *

Felix Ruckert / Compagnie Felix Ruckert Berlin 

Helena Waldmann Frankfurt / Main 
"vodka konkav" 

Sasha Waltz / Sasha Waltz & Guests Berlin 
"Allee der Kosmonauten" 


Walter HEUN