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Enquire and insist until the point is found that holds fleeting thoughts together. Don’t allow your counterpart to pull free from the search that has commenced, instead draw them into your own way of thinking. Thus proceeds a conversation with choreographer Anna Konjetzky, whose works are shown all over the world. It is this investigation that accounts for the quality of her works: she examines physically extreme conditions and plays with installation-like spatial formations in which movement, light, video and sight interact on an equal basis. She works at the frontier between dance and visual arts and challenges the viewer by poking holes in their perception, querying the relationship between dancer and audience. In her latest work, TESTLAUF, she sends them off together to look for situations of encounter and interaction. In a brightly lit space that changes constantly due to the construction and dismantling of wooden structures, the dancers initiate and disturb movements and movement streams, start conversations and share thoughts on the theme of public space. The installation-like construction is brought to life through the interaction and energy of the bodies present, the space and sound. The power of the evening is not caused by violent or disturbing images, as in previous works, but by the physical presence and personalities of the dancers. Whereas in her solo work chipping (2014) an exhausted Sahra Huby fights for attention in a vibrating room dominated by video and moving wooden cubes, in TESTLAUF the viewer is seduced into movement by means of an ambient and fluid physicality. It is as hard for the viewer as it is for the counterpart in a conversation with Anna Konjetzky to remain impervious to the pull of what’s happening, thus becoming an arranger of the space.
Sarah Israel

||:Ein Bein hier und ein Bein dort:|| (2014)

chipping (2014)

Wah-Wah (2016) 



Anna Konjetzky began creating dance pieces and dance installations in 2005. Her work has been shown at events including SPIELART, Tanzwerkstatt München, Dance Festival Saar, Festival Danse Balsa Marni Bruxelles as well as in Kampala, Nairobi, Hanoi, Ghent, Salzburg, Krakow, Luxembourg etc. Her dance installation Abdrücke was invited to the German Dance Platform 2012. Anna Konjetzky studied Dance and Theatre in Brussels and Berlin, at the Lassaad International School of Theatre and the Freie Universität Berlin, amongst others. From 2005 to 2008 she worked as assistant to Wanda Golonka at Schauspiel Frankfurt. She received several awards and scholarships: the Berlin Senate Administration dance scholarship in 2006 and the Dance Promotion Prize of the City of Munich in 2014, amongst others.