Raimund Hoghe


 “I remember Maria Callas in a master class, encouraging the students ‘to keep on going in a proper way – not with fireworks, not with an easy applause. But with your real feeling – whatever it is.’”

Quartett / © Rosa FrankQuartett / © Rosa FrankSongs for Takashi / © Rosa Frank



Flowers show the way. They have always been present in the work of this artist from Dusseldorf. Flowers are thrown, bundled together, carried, they catch the eye, they symbolise celebration and impermanence. In Raimund Hoghe’s latest piece, Songs for Takashi, they are laid out in a row, discarded. They fly through the air and frame the dancer Takashi Ueno, they land on his shoulders, his hips. The evening is dedicated to him. Oscillating between melancholy and lightness, it is designed as an homage to the Japanese dancer who has worked with Raimund Hoghe on Pas de deux, Cantatas and An Evening with Judy. In the long list of works that Hoghe, one of the most important contemporary choreographers internationally, expands by a new masterpiece each year, his themes of age and beauty, of exclusion and longing, loneliness and being together maintain their validity. At the same time the contouring of the individual first-class dancers comes increasingly to the fore, as in the group piece Quartet, which he created in 2014 for his favourite actors. Hoghe himself moves within his productions in gripping contrast or with parallel intensity, frequently with his long-term artistic collaborator Luca Giacomo Schulte at his side.
Katja Schneider

Quartet (2014)

Songs for Takashi (2015)

La Valse (2016)

Musiques et mots pour Emmanuel (2016)



Raimund Hoghe was born in Wuppertal and lives in Dusseldorf and Paris. He has worked as a journalist for Die Zeit and has published numerous books. From 1980 to 1990, he was the dramaturge at the Tanztheater Wuppertal. Following that, he began creating his own works; his long-term cooperation with visual artist Luca Giacomo Schulte began in 1992. His works have been shown in Europe, Asia, Australia and America. In 2006, he was awarded the Prix de la Critique in France. In 2008, critics selected Hoghe as Dancer of the Year in the magazine ballettanz.