Angie Hiesl Produktion



“Humankind in its social context provides the impetus for our projects in urban contexts. We place aesthetic irritations in the midst of everyday life, remove the familiar from its usual context, reveal the hidden, cause shifts in patterns of perception.”

DRESSING THE CITY UND MEIN KOPF IST EIN HEMD / © Roland KaiserPick'n'Place / © Roland Kaiser



Angie Hiesl + Roland Kaiser are butterfly catchers of everyday phenomena: The things that land in their net are poetic facets of seemingly normal life. But their work is not harmless; their trophies do not get prepared and pinned down to be put on show in glass cases. The internationally working duo releases its shimmering booty – symbols of metamorphosis – in unexpected places in firmly urban contexts, such as a municipal nursery or an inner-city industrial wasteland. In this way, they disorient audiences, drawing their attention to things which were hitherto hidden, overlooked or denied – to questions of identity of all kinds, of where the boundary is drawn between private and public space, or what it is like to live outside the norm, as well as disturbing topics such as violence and sexual abuse. The means of expression for their performative interventions in the public domain are as diverse as their thematic range; their interdisciplinary projects switch between visual installations and living actions. The playful interferences with which they jolt our well-worn perception are comically bizarre, gently humorous or subtly disturbing but never drastic or loud. In their productions and choreographies, Hiesl + Kaiser encourage performers, dancers, actors and people who simply inherently embody a particular theme to be boldly open and thus always succeed in condensing extracts of life.
Isabel Rith-Magni

ID-clash (2013)
5 performers, site-specific outdoor/indoor, 110 min

2 performers, public space, 90 min

10 performers, public space, 120 min

PICK’n’PLACE (2010)
2 performers, public space, 300 min

MAKADAM (2007)
5 performers and 2 horses, site-specific outdoor, 90 min

Zyklus HAAR (2006-08)
6-12 performers, public space/site-specific outdoor/indoor, 90-120 min

ZWILLINGE – how do I know I am me... (2001)
10 performers, site-specific outdoor/indoor, 100 min

x-mal Mensch Stuhl (1995)
11 performers, public space, 60 min



The name Angie Hiesl Produktion stands for Cologne-based artist duo Angie Hiesl + Roland Kaiser. Choreographer, performance and installation artist Angie Hiesl has been presenting her own interdisciplinary projects since the 1980s. Her collaboration with the choreographer, performance and visual artist Roland Kaiser began in 1997. They exclusively work site-specifically, realising performance and installation projects in non-art spaces in the public and private domain. Their projects are shown worldwide and have been awarded several prizes. Angie Hiesl has lectured on her artistic approach at a number of academies and colleges since the late 1970s, for example holding a guest professorship at the Institute for Applied Theatre Studies in Giessen.