Hermann Heisig


“I am instinctively interested in awkward and complicated situations and so, conversely, in working with dance in a non-physical age. I see choreography as a sort of negotiation territory, where we can deal with possible and impossible relationships of humans towards space/environment, behaviour or representation.”

Slap/Stick / © Diego AgulloUnited States / © Juan PernoUnited States / © Juan Perno



Hermann Heisig does not have to perform the perfect jump, but can certainly come close. At nearly 6’ 5”, with gangly arms and a long, slightly stooping torso, moving was always both complicated and exciting for Hermann Heisig. Using these potential limitations as a stylistic device, Hermann Heisig develops an idiosyncratic body language generating many unexpected and often absurd moments. He now has almost 15 years’ experience in creating pieces and performances, as a soloist and accompanied by dancers, musicians, actors and visual artists. With his blend of patient curiosity and passionate nonsense, he is constantly seeking a new strategy for what dance can be. Actually, movement did not interest him for a long time. He first appeared on a stage as a 15 year-old schoolboy in the dance competition Das beste deutsche Tanzsolo (Best German dance solo) in 1997 in his native city of Leipzig. This was followed by an intense phase of free improvisation. In 2002, he began professional training in Berlin; in 2007 he spent a year at the Centre Chorégraphique National (CCN) in Montpellier. Besides creating his own pieces, he also works as a dancer. In 2013, he premiered his current solo “SLAP/STICK” and his latest piece “wir/nosotros/vi”, a German-Danish-Argentine coproduction.
Heike Schwarzer

wir/nosotros/vi (2013)
3 performers, stage 9 x 9 m, 60 min

1 performer, 1 musician, stage 10 x 9 m, 50 min

a coming community (2012)
4 performers, stage 10 x 10 m, 60 min

united states (2011)
2 performers, stage 10 x 10 m, 50 min

Pongo Land (2009)
2 performers, stage 10 x 10 m, 35 min



Hermann Heisig is based in Berlin and works as a dancer, choreographer and performer. Born in Leipzig, he in 1997 took part in the Das beste deutsche Tanzsolo (Best German dance solo) competition at euro-scene Leipzig. This led to several improvised solo performances in galleries and clubs. Following his training in Berlin and Montpellier, Hermann Heisig began working as a dancer with artists and companies including Meg Stuart/Damaged Goods, Begum Erciyas, Thomas Lehmen, Martin Nachbar & Martine Pisani and Corinna Harfouch. He has a close artistic relationship with Nuno Lucas and Elpida Orfanidou and has created international productions in collaboration with Pieter Ampe, Gui Garrido, Irina Müller, Anne Zacho Søgaard and Marina Quesada. Hermann Heisigs works deal with resistances and frictions that bodies produce within themselves, among each other or in relationship towards their environment. They deny efficiency and celebrate involuntary actions, do-it-yourself, and a physicality of absent-mindedness, monstrosity and mechanical movement.