Sabine Glenz


“My choreographies examine the possibilities and impossibilities in our relationships to that which is different and alien – by which I understand not only our relationship to the group, to society, but also to surrounding spaces, artificial objects and nature, and ultimately also our relationship to ourselves.”

Vervielfältigung / © Franz KimmelHands and Days / © Dorothee ElfringVervielfältigung / © Franz Kimmel



People in spaces. Movement in one spot or at the edge of light. Heightened presence and passing absence. Figurations of human bodies and objects in movement as in a tense silence. The eye is drawn towards the dancers, towards the painted, photographic and filmic representations of bodies and forms. Distances vary. Proportions oscillate. Rambling is allowed. The dance organises itself incidentally. For some time now, following many solos and group works marked by minimalistic concentration, the choreographer from Munich has been working on a new artistic form that pulls together her varied experiences with the positioning of bodies, sculptures and movement in space. With her choreographic series entitled Der Abstand der Dinge, Sabine Glenz began to initiate a multi-part research into walk-in installations in 2015. Vervielfältigung, the first part, allows the audience that is sharing a space – not only one but two rooms – with the performers, to keep to themselves and leaf through a book, to actively listen to the live musician, to follow those dancing, to circle around the objects, to touch, or simply wait and see what happens, weigh up what could happen.

Katja Schneider


Hands and Days (2014)

Very Natural Adaption (2014)

Der Abstand der Dinge – 1. Vervielfältigung (2015)



Sabine Glenz has been developing evening-length solos, duets and group pieces since 2004; they are presented at festivals such as RODEO München, Rencontres Essonne Danse and Les Repérages in France, Tanzwerkstatt Europa, DANCE and at the Tanzquartier Vienna, among others. In 2012, she received the Achievement Award for Dance of the State Capital of Munich. In 2015, she began her choreographic series, Der Abstand der Dinge: Vervielfältigung (2015) is the first part of the trilogy of walk-through installations. Isolation and Ordnung will follow in 2016 and 2017. She approaches the content of her works, such as the manifestation and absence of physical presence and one’s own positioning in spaces, situations and groups, with the language of the body. She confronts her works with the visual art forms of photography, film and painting.