Stefan Dreher


“At some point I decided to dance forever. I look for accomplices in this endeavour. That is what makes my pieces.”



I Wish I where I Hey / © Franz Kimmel



Nearly half a day has passed since the start of the 24-hour dance marathon. For a long time, Stefan Dreher stood at the side, watching the dancers put his guidelines into practice, constantly shifting their weight while spontaneously entering into unexpected collaborations, communities and stories. Then he mingles among them, dances with them. Three steps forward, two back, until he is in the middle of the cultivated field of actions, encounters and trances, holding himself in a headstand. Stefan Dreher is, quite simply, always dance. Being a dancer is what Dreher sees as his raison d’être and mission in life. Sometimes, this belief feels like a capitulation. Then, with peaceful acceptance, he single-mindedly and convincingly wins over artists, collectives and accomplices from all over Europe for his internationally sought-after, increasingly radical dance concepts. With bold consistency, Dreher has been approaching and presenting dance as physical training, an artistic process, a performative event and a survival strategy for about ten years. His work often appears simple, gentle or humorous, but it never disguises the extraordinary alertness with which this deeply perceptive artist elicits the ephemeral phenomenon of dance from images, text and movement or reflects on its role as a sign of social achievement with reference to the world of sport or mass media. It seems an almost old-fashioned notion that, in the end, he is only interested in one thing: finding the dancer. No matter who is dancing along with him.
Alexandra Karabelas

Dancing Days (2013)
24-hour dance marathon, 12 performers, stage 6 x 10 m, 24 hours

I Wish I Where I Hey (2012)
3 performers, stage 8 x 8 m, 60 min

Snow (2011)
2 performers, 40 min

Pole-Dance (2010)
dance on small stages, 2 performers, stage 1 x 1 m, 30 min

Walking a line (2010)
20 performers, stage 12 x 12, 60 min

Island (2008)
2 performers, stage 8 x 8 m, 60 min



Stefan Dreher studied at the Folkwang University of the Arts in Essen. He worked for several years in Belgium, where he collaborated with many renowned choreographers, dancers and visual artists. In 2003, he founded the internationally touring collective Loving Lucy. He has been artiste associé at Les Halles de Schaerbeek and artist in residence at the Choreographic Centre Charleroi/Danses. During this period, he developed a form of physical training combining yoga and dance techniques that is now used by leading Belgian companies. Since 2003 he has created some 15 stage works and site-specific works which have been shown in Germany, Belgium, France, South Korea and Tunisia. His latest project, in cooperation with leading dance figures from all over Europe, was the 24-hour dance marathon entitled “Dancing Days” in Munich.