“We tickle the form until the circumstances start dancing.”

Pieces of Me / © Lilian SzokodyPieces of Me / © Lilian SzokodyPieces of Me / © Lilian Szokody



The works of the Bonn’s CocoonDance ensemble attract its audience, sidestep, encapsulate themselves and go along: thus, observation alone already becomes a kind of dance. Steps to the right and left, jumps and turns. However, the ensemble leaves plenty of space for their performance – thinking and feeling. Patterns of narration and perception are then the core topics that choreographer Rafaële Giovanola and dramaturge Rainald Endraß explore in their productions in very different, but always highly elaborate ways, using selected dancers and special stage constructions, language, video, music and sound. After duets about relationships, they expanded the question of connections and ties to groups and events, and simultaneously to the link between the present and past. The result was a “Verschwörungs-Triologie” (conspiracy trilogy), in which fragments of dances, text, voices and sounds refer to a whole that was never revealed and whose absence made the desire for completeness all the more tangible. Afterwards, “RE-PLAY The Swan” takes on repetition as a principle and stages, in an ironically glimmering manner, a feigned similarity, the non-passage of time, an end that is not allowed to be an end, as well as the dreadful and laughably immortal swan. “Pieces of me” is no longer anchored to a place or person; it calls for us to bear witness and hides behind its apparent disclosure of thoughts and actions. The memory of dance on earth and a red dress appears for a moment, a piece from a collective dream.
Melanie Suchy



Pieces of Me (2013)
7 performers, stage 14 x 10 m, 60 min

RE-PLAY The Swan (2012)
5 performers, 60 min

I’ve seen it all (2011)
6 performers, stage 14 x 12 m, 60 min

Another you (2010)
2 performers, stage 10 x 10 m, 55 min
Dating Your Enemy (2007)
2 performers, stage 8 x 8 m, 45 min
Lovers and other strangers (2005)
2 performers, stage 10 x 10 m, 60 min



CocoonDance was founded in 2000 by choreographer Rafaële Giovanola and dramaturge Rainald Endraß. Giovanola, Swiss but born in Baltimore, was a soloist in Torino before she joined William Forsythe’s Ballet Frankfurt for eight years. Afterwards, she worked with Pavel Mikuláštik’s Choreografisches Theater, most recently in Bonn. Since 2004, CocoonDance has been producing, performing and curating in the independent theaterimballsaal in Bonn. The artistic and content-related quality of the works of CocoonDance is founded on constant teamwork and a strong dramaturgic approach. Their projects, born in the field of tension between theatre and abstraction, are now touring on four continents and have been awarded numerous prizes.