Christina Ciupke


“I am interested in processes of perception and encounters between myself and others. In my work, I develop specific situations to investigate the desire to come closer. Through each piece, the sense of time, intimacy and a specific togetherness with an audience are constantly renegotiated.”

wait and see / © Andreas Stirnbergwait and see / © Andreas Stirnbergwait and see / © Andreas Stirnberg



“wait and see”: with these words, the petite, slender and strong Christina Ciupke invites her long-term sparring partners Nik Haffner and Mart Kangro to a three-way wrestling match. At the entrance, every audience member is greeted with a handshake and a glass of wine as though it were a cocktail party. Wait and see… how communication, conversation and convention intertwine in this ever so great atmosphere as though they had nothing to do with one another. The alliance is intricate – and yet delicate, because the trio tests skin-to-skin grappling, with open pores, complete commitment and wedged in one another, often on the verge of falling. The crowd of guests wanders along, amused, watching and listening closely to the events when the melded and interlocked single-cell organism staggers through the space accompanied by small talk about anything and everything. What we avoid and how we deal with one another, consciously or subconsciously, also influenced earlier duets between Christina Ciupke and both colleagues. She practiced versions of intimacy and loss of control with Nik Haffner, from gentle whispers, blowing at one another and falling – up to the point of crash landings. They force the desire and weight of elementary measures of power to be realised, and mutate into experimental test dummies in the frenzy of storming at and adhering to one another. She shared fitness efforts and the common addiction to endurance, euphoria and physical borderline experiences with Mart Kangro. “wait and see” is the concrete attempt at binding all forces into a unity, at tangling all threads into a knot – and, in the process, humorously declaring their trust in one another.
Irene Sieben

What moves moves (2013)
2 performers, 60 min,in collaboration with Boris Hauf

wait and see (2012)
3 performers, 60 min, in collaboration with Nik Haffner and Mart Kangro

kannst du mich umdrehen (2011)
2 performers, 60 min, in collaboration with Nik Haffner

from the other side (2010)
solo, 55 min, in collaboration with Lucy Cash

rissumriss (2002)
solo, stage 11 x 11 m, 55 min, in collaboration with photographer Gisela Dilchert





As a choreographer and dancer, Christina Ciupke develops projects and specific situations in collaborative processes. She maintains ongoing collaborations with choreographers Nik Haffner, Mart Kangro, filmmaker Lucy Cash, visual artist Lars Ø Ramberg, composer Boris Hauf and dramaturge Igor Dobricic. From 2003 to 2004, Christina Ciupke was guest artist at the Center for Art and Media (ZKM) in Karlsruhe. In 2013 she received her M.A. in Choreography from the Amsterdam School of the Arts.