Chuck Morris


”Chuck Morris sees the world through the glasses of two white, Western, well-educated middle class women. The duo as a genre means the constant confrontation with the figure of the twin and attempts at dissolving the individual identity of the artist by becoming a doubled body.”

Feminine Fun Studies / © Caroline Palla



No, they’re not Chuck Norris, the brutal film fighter from the 1980s. They are Chuck Morris, a female artist duo with a man’s name that evokes images of the Wild West. They strive to suspend the status of the individual – that is the first utopia. Lucie Tuma and Cecilie Ullerup Schmidt search through theory, art and popular culture to open up the potentials and utopias – for themselves and their audience – of a present that apparently lacks alternatives. What could we be like, how could the world be? Has everything really already been said – or done? They constantly reflect on their own socio-cultural context, as well as the context of the theatre. It becomes their space of possibility where they work through alternating subject constitutions with the example of their identities as performers. At the same time, they present the reflection and production of what they are examining – for example, boredom in capitalist times in their first performance, “siebenschoenchen” (2008), in which two puppet bodies perform meaningless actions as though they were wound up like a music box. In “souvereines” (2011), the duo Chuck Morris allowed themselves to be crowned the next queen in order to reflect on sovereignty, representation, self-creation and self-discipline as mainstays of the current understanding of subjects. And most recently, in “Feminine Fun Studies” (2013), an outrageous pair of opposites was united: women and humour. In a feminist act of appropriation, the female body becomes a punch line – cheerful, intelligent and liberating.
Esther Boldt

Feminine Fun Studies (2013)
3 performers, stage 10 x 8 m, 70 min



Chuck Morris is a performance duo in the fields of theory, choreography and performance. The group was founded at the Institute for Applied Theatre Studies in Giessen in 2008. In their first work, “siebenschoenchen”, Chuck Morris posed the post-revolutionary question: ‘And now what?’, based on film material from eastern European Nouvelle Vague films, they developed choreographies of boredom and omission. In 2010, the duo was crowned coming queen and went on official state visits to four nations in the frame of their work »souvereines« (2011) in order to test strategies of staged gazes and representations of power. In “Feminine Fun Studies” (2013), Chuck Morris are now looking for the diametrically opposed image of the fool and are seriously applying themselves to studying nonsense, rubbish and choreographed jokes.