Laurent Chétouane


“We are IN the world more than ever. Surrounded by it all the time. Without zone of retreat, where the eye could reign once again. The “front” is no longer BEFORE us. Instead, we are at the mercy of chaos, at the intersection of unpredictable directions and events. Blind. But not deaf.”

M!M / © Oliver Fantitsch15 Variationen über das Offene / © Thomas Aurin



In more ways than one Laurent Chétouane is a late arrival. As a Frenchman who initially studied Chemical Engineering followed by Theatre, and then made a career in Germany as a theatre director, no boundary is sacred to him. He creates new connections between theatre and dance or narration and abstraction. Via Heiner Müller he worked on learning the German language by himself, and as a non-native speaker he developed a special feeling for rhythm and tonal structures. Initially he carried this analytical approach over to the physicality of actors by means of abstract images of movement on the boundaries of choreographic research. His Tanzstücke #1 to #4 (2007-09) established him as a de facto choreographer. Nowadays, Chétouane divides his time between Germany and France. His duo M!M for Mikael Marklund and Mathieu Burner (2013) was a paean to male friendship and German Romanticism, which was created for the German-French festival Transfabrik, with music by Beethoven and inspired by Derrida. Here, as well as in his solo piece O for Marklund (2012), he led contemporary dance into a zone similar to ballet, albeit without the jumps. With elements from pantomime and psychological models on the borders of narration, he placed contemporary dancers in a new, romantic light. Subsequently he expanded this sense of synthesis by playing Bach on stage (BACH/PASSION/JOHANNES, 2013), or making Kleist’s Über das Marionettentheater (On the Marionette Theatre) the basis of a dance piece (Considering / Accumulations, 2015).
Thomas Hahn


Considering / Accumulations (2015)
SOLI (2015)

KHAOS (2016)



After having studied Engineering and Theatre Studies at the Sorbonne and theatre directing in Frankfurt on the Main, French-born Laurent Chétouane has been creating pieces performed on major German stages (Hamburg, Munich, Weimar, Cologne, Stuttgart) and at theatres throughout Europe (Oslo, Zurich, Athens, Vienna) since 2001. In parallel, he has created 15 dance pieces as a choreographer since 2007. In 2012 and 2014, his dance pieces were invited to the German Dance Platform. For 2016 he is planning a large dance project on the subject of chaos in cooperation with Jean-Luc Nancy. Chétouane is a guest lecturer and guest professor at several art schools (Berlin, Bochum, Frankfurt, Giessen, Hamburg, Leipzig, Oslo). He was awarded the Wild Card of the RUHR.2010 project and in 2008 the scholarship of the Federal State of NRW for outstanding young artists.