Antonia Baehr

„The work represented by make up productions falls in between categories. We appropriate professions, like choreographer, dancer, musician, names and biographies, in order to pursue our fantasies. > We research the fiction of everyday-life performance and the fiction of theatre.”

(excerpt from make up productions’ manifesto) 



Misses and Mysteries © Antonia BaehrAbecedarium Bestiarium / © Anja Weber + Pauline BoudryAbecedarium Bestiarium / © Anja Weber + Steffi Weismann



Antonia Baehr is a very original, very independentminded artist who is unfazed by popular subjects and current fashions: a solitary figure, intelligent, self-confident and unpredictable. She dismantles the pigeonholes that we all – whether we want to or not – have in our heads, pours out their contents and routs about in them to her heart’s content. Her art is created from this chaos; it is free, extravagant and full of a child’s joy at creating new worlds. Caution is advised, however: this child is smart beyond her age, and in those pigeonholes was plenty of knowledge and daring, as well as theory – a chaos cake that certainly has its drawbacks when baked with those ingredients. It tastes good and sits neatly in the mould, and it’s clever, poetic and poisonous: each piece is a trap that you step into nonchalantly. She developed her most recent work, Misses and Mysteries, with Valérie Castan, who does live descriptions of dance pieces for the blind through audio description. The method is introduced here playfully: what is conjured up acoustically in four action loops does not always reflect what you see. An intricate system of liberating, gender-oriented and associative versions causes healthy confusion. As with a precise scalpel, the levels of reality are removed and newly defined between Swan Lake and Valeska Gert, Drag and Queen. It is complex; but it is also highly entertaining. And it once again becomes clear: anyone with an upset stomach caused by too much bland conceptual dance should drink Baehr Tonic: it helps!
Renate Klett

The Wildes, a Victorian Salon (2014)
Ida Wilde (aka Keren Ida Nathan) & Henry Wilde (aka Werner Hirsch / Antonia Baehr)

Des miss et des mystères (2015)
Antonia Baehr & Valérie Castan

Dance Trio (yet untitled) (2016)



Antonia Baehr studied Film and Media Arts at the Hochschule der Künste Berlin (Berlin University of the Arts), with VALIE EXPORT (1996) and received her Master in Performance at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She has been collaborating in different roles with the co-author of Des miss et des mystères, Valérie Castan, for twelve years now. 2016 sees the development of a dance trio. Baehr is the producer of the horse whisperer and dancer Werner Hirsch, the musician and choreographer Henri Fleur, the composer Henry Wilt and the husband Henry Wilde, amongst others.