“Our alter ego, WILHELM GROENER, continually challenges us to renegotiate our strategies within new contexts and frameworks, expand our perspectives, explore new sources of the tragic and comic, chaos and order, while never losing sight of what life is really about!”

K-Projekt / © Mariola GroenerK-Projekt / © Mariola GroenerK-Projekt / © Mariola Groener



Some images are impossible to forget. WILHELM GROENER managed to produce one such image in “Hotel Hassler”. It was a few years ago, but whenever Günther Wilhelm performs on stage (Mariola Groener, who studied photography, tends to remain behind the scenes), it comes back once more. That immobile little wooden man trapped in his own body, but whose eyes dart back and forth in panic all the faster. Every time we see Wilhelm, this image shoves itself anew in front of the real events on stage. And it almost seems to be a part of the concept behind their work. For their pieces always contain multiple floors. Irony is rather alien to them. They work with meticulous earnestness, but love the absurd and the ambivalent. As most recently in their piece “Heilung”. ‚Heilung‘ (healing), this smacks a little of idiocy. Switch the brain off and all is well. You just have to believe the promise. In WILHELM GROENER’s case, there truly are calmingly murmuring waves and three dancers celebrating healing chants with playful friendliness, who hum, lay their heads in the hands of the others. As the vibrating humming grows louder, they step back and suddenly, it is as if the voices, the waves of sound spread out and the space expands. There really is something soothing about it. But there is a different reason for being spellbound and amused. It is the strange, unexplainable ambivalence, which so finely permeates the action that it is simply impossible to catch the artists at it.
Michaela Schlagenwerth

K-Projekt (Arbeitstitel) (2014)
3 performers, stage 10 x 10 m, 60 min

Heilung (2013)
3 performers, stage 8 x 8 m, 55 min

Am Bildaltar (2010)
3 performers, stage 8 x 8 m, 60 min

Am Anfang war das Ende (2009)
4 performers, stage 8 x 8 m, 60 min

Hotel Hassler (2008)
3 performers, stage 8 x 8 m, 50 min

Wie ist dein Name? (2007)
2 performers, stage 8 x 8 m, 50 min

Ortnung (2002)
2 performers, stage 8 x 8 m, 60 min

33 SKIZZEN (since 2001)
ongoing performance project, 2 performers, space, length and set variable

Getrennte Präsenz (2001)
solo, stage 8 x 8 m, 40 min



Artist Mariola Groener and dancer Günther Wilhelm have been combining their names and arts since 2001 to form the label WILHELM GROENER. The pieces “Vorgang benutzt”, “Paravent privé” and “Hotel Hassler” were invited to the GERMAN DANCE PLATFORM in 2000, 2006 and 2010. WILHELM GROENER are currently based in both Berlin and Amsterdam. Mariola Groener, born in Poland and raised in Munich, studied photography and film/av media in Berlin and Essen. She still also works as a visual artist and is co-founder of the exhibition space forever and a day Büro. Günther Wilhelm, raised in Munich, studied Butoh as well as classical and modern dance in Munich and Berlin. He was a long-standing member of VA Wölfl’s NEUER TANZ in Düsseldorf and has worked with Dumb Type and Anna Huber, amongst others.