Kat Válastur



“I don’t want to create one more dance piece. I want to create a new experience for myself as an artist, for my performers and for the audience. I want to create a world that affects the bodies and a land for the individuals that populate it. I want to make a Newtopia.”

Kat Válastur / © Katja GrawinkelOh! Deep Sea - Corpus III / © Dieter HartwigOh! Deep Sea - Corpus III / © Dieter Hartwig



Athens-born choreographer and performer Kat Válastur has been living and working in Berlin since 2007. On graduating from the Hellenic School of Dance, she received a Fulbright scholarship for the Trisha Brown Dance Studios in New York. The following year she founded the group adLibdances and in 2009, she completed a Master’s Degree in Solo/Dance/Authorship at the Inter-University Centre for Dance Berlin (HZT).
The title Kat Válastur chose for her “Corpus” tetralogy – “Oh! Deep Sea” – reveals a crucial characteristic of her artistic work. She dives deep into the socio-choreographic ocean of the human body’s ability to communicate – to where seemingly archaic narrations, habitual tics, widely ramified emotional networks and swarms of vague promises concerning the body’s future drift. It is this underworld that the artist explores when she asks her key question: ‘What is left to dance?’ Since “Wonderful rooms” (2006), Válastur has lit up the gloom of the European cultural ocean with flashes of her fascinating dance luminescence and so conveyed an idea of what we have yet to understand. This requires a precise handling of artistic means, considerable certainty in navigating unknown territories and a complex choreonautics chart (which makes manoeuvring in contemporary dance contexts possible in the first place). This is what makes up Kat Válastur’s work: Oh! See deep.
Helmut Ploebst

Gland (2014)
solo, stage 7 x 10 m

Oh! Deep Sea – Corpus III (2012)
4 performers, stage 11 x 13 m, 65 min



Kat Válastur is a choreographer and performer. During her studies she examined the question ‘What is there left to be danced?’, creating the philosophical context in which she developed her work: Fragmentation, ‚diverted architecture‘, time lapse, entropy and virtuality are some of the concepts that arise in her work, but she also uses diagrams, scores and drawings. She is currently in receipt of a scholarship at the Institut für Raumexperimente, a project initiated by Olafur Eliasson in collaboration with the Berlin University for the Arts. Válastur's works have been presented at various international venues and festivals.  Her plans for 2014 include a series of new choreographies, entitled „The marginal sculptures of Newtopia“.