“The curtain rises. The performer leaves the room.” 

von mit nach t No 2 / © Daniel Poensgen



VA Wölfl founded the group NEUER TANZ nearly 30 years ago together with a group of artists from the milieu of the Folkwang School. The result is a completely unique total artwork of Chor(e)ographien in which the fundamentals of stage, space, time, light, body, sound and movement are examined. It is all about a systematic attempt to explore the boundaries of art, to question the substantial possibilities of the related fields observer – work – performer. And fortunately for dance, NEUER TANZ did not attempt this in museums or galleries, but on stage. VA Wölfl quasi carries on the artistic investigations of Bauhaus, of Oskar Schlemmer and Wassily Kandinsky, as well as John Cage or Joseph Beuys. The ground-breaking and brilliant power of this work is immediately apparent when we examine the stage works of NEUER TANZ through the perspective of modern art. The uncompromising examination of the elementary conditions of materiality and light enables the social constructs of space, time and movement to appear broken up into their existential elements, reflected in the perception of the observers – the stage as a place for aesthetic fundamental research. NEUER TANZ is not only dance but also simultaneously conceptual art, happening, performance art, it is architecture and photography. This radical assertion of an artistic open space which bends neither to a theatrical, museum-like or balletic structure is perhaps the most vital reminder that the existence of a free (dance) scene in Germany is vital.
Johannes Odenthal

„von mit nach t:“ (2014)

„von mit nach t: No 2“ (2015)



VA Wölfl works with NEUER TANZ. NEUER TANZ works in Düsseldorf.

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