Jana Unmüßig



“Choreographing is a doing that unites and separates, opens up space, individual, singular space and common, shared space. The inquiry into the question what kind of occupation choreographic doing is – this is a driving force for my choreographic practice.”

Farbe, Farbe / © Timo WrightFarbe, Farbe / © Timo Wrightglk / © Sven Hagolani



In her choreographic work, which she is currently also continuing as part of her artistic doctorate at the Theatre Academy Helsinki, Jana Unmüßig deals with the perceptual dimensions of body, time and space. Conceptual thinking and somatic techniques enter into an extremely inspiring, but also challenging liaison. Unmüßig’s choreographies are not for impatient spectators. The dancers move in complete silence and repeatedly get caught up in states of suspension, in which their movements congeal into still images for moments at a time. The reduced action challenges the audience to develop an enhanced attentiveness to the smallest of details. One striking aspect of the quartet “Colour, Colour” (2013) is that each of the dancers blink their eyes at different speeds. And although their blinking is not controlled and is thus also not part of the choreography in principle, in the eye of the beholder, this seems to coincide organically with the movements of the bodies nevertheless. The rich variety of Unmüßig’s explorations of topics such as ‘phenomenological sight’ may not always be evident at first sight. Who is actually watching whom? Is the audience watching the dancers or vice versa? Are the dancers observing each other or also themselves? Unmüßig and her dancers examine very fine differences, such as those between recognition, observation, looking and seeing. Well worth a closer look.
Pirkko Husemann

glkn (2014)
1 dancer, stage 10 x 12 m, 45 min

Farbe, Farbe (2013)
4 dancers, stage 10 x 12 m, 50 min

Strich/Chrysantheme/Haar fällt (2012)
5 dancers, stage 10 x 12 m, 50 min

Ast im Auge (2011)
5 dancers, stage 10 x 12 m, 40 min



Jana Unmüßig lives in Berlin. She studied theatre at the Sorbonne in Paris, contemporary dance at the Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance (SEAD) and graduated in 2010 with a Masters in Choreography from the Inter-University Centre for Dance Berlin (HZT). Her work has been shown at Kampnagel, Hamburg, HAU Hebbel am Ufer in Berlin, tanzhaus nrw, Springdance in Utrecht, the Monaco Dance Forum, and at the ImPulsTanz festival in Vienna, amongst other locations. In 2010, Jana Unmüßig was selected for a danceWEB scholarship. She has been a resident at Movement Research in New York, with Lynda Gaudreau/Theatre Tangente in Montreal, and at RE.AL in Lisbon. In 2011/12, she was choreographer in residence at K3 – Centre for Choreography at Kampnagel, in Hamburg. Currently, she is completing a Doctor in Arts at the Performing Arts Research Centre Theater Academy / University of the Arts  Helsinki.