tanz lange



“I am interested in the intersections between art and everyday life. In order to explore and understand this topic, I use the body as a cross-section of both.”

Gemeinsames Abhängen / © Matthias DunkerAnd on the seventh day / © Stephan GaglaWirtschaftsdepression / © Stephan Gagla



With a critical eye, she stages battles: joyous and destructive. In “Wirtschaftsdepression – Dieser Begriff ist kein Zufall!”, which Gudrun Lange presented together with three other performers in 2013, she showed bodies that had gone astray, whose motors had ceased to run. Empty batteries. Not an accident, but a malfunction. Performance-wise, a flop. Burn-out seems like an attack, but actually it is prepared. The choreography of ponderously relocating legs, supporting hands, bodies tediously rolling over onto their sides and hanging heads may appear to some like a witty parody on the fitness and tempo dictation of dancers and other subscribers to the reigning economic system. But what is also tangible here is the sorrow at the radical deceleration. And although the four of them manage to walk briskly and engage in a hustle and bustle of dance after a while, it all leads to nothing. Once again to nothing. Earlier performances by Gudrun Lange already explored the marketing and the evaluation of dance, its ideals of beauty. She showed her solo “Erschöpfung/Einschöpfung” in 2013 on small open-air stages in gardens and spa gardens. The pretty view of the green landscape contrasted with the battle for air in the performance narrative. The piece compares the life in Gudrun Lange’s body to a shop and compares the emptiness that moves into both, leaving bare walls behind and something that is no more than an outward appearance. Yet the dancer re-conquers the extended space with airy swings, thus demonstrating that taking a break can mean defeat or victory.
Melanie Suchy

Wirtschaftsdepression – Dieser Begriff ist kein Zufall! (2013)
4 performers, stage 10 x 13 x 4 m, 60 min

Gemeinsam Abhängen (2013)
installation, stage 6 x 6 x 3,50 m

And on the seventh day (2012)
6 performers, stage 10 x 12 x 4 m, variable (240 min and more), in collaboration with kainkollektiv



tanz lange is the dance company set up by choreographer Gudrun Lange. Lange studied modern dance in Rotterdam and New York. She has been living and working as an independent choreographer and performer in Düsseldorf for years. In 2012, she was awarded the NRW Grant for Excellence in Dance. The foundation of tanz lange lies in collaboration: with other artists, adolescents, scientists… These collaborations result in pieces for the stage, installations and research projects in various forms. tanz lange is based in Düsseldorf in a storefront studio in the neighbourhood of Flingern. This building is an office, meeting point and a venue for many different formats – independent or production-related, by tanz lange or other artists.