Richard Siegal

“Richard Siegal is dedicated to the exploration and production of contemporary performance.  He founded The Bakery as a creative proposition to bring together artistic collaborators from a broad spectrum. This interdisciplinary platform for research and production of performance and visual media fosters dialogue between performing artists, sound, visual and video artists, software engineers, philosophers and architects.”

Black Swan / © Franz KimmelBlack Swan / © Franz KimmelCivic Mimic / © Hillary Goidell



Inter-media, interactive, interdisciplinary: These three i’s apply to Richard Siegal’s works to a great degree, and one could add a fourth – i for if. The if/then method forms the basis for many of his productions. The American dancer and choreographer has been refining the system of rules for performance structures for years and thus places movement, space, video, music, language and digital technologies in constantly changing relationships on his platform The Bakery. Supposedly simple binary options for reactions branch out into highly complex fields and generate pulsating and extremely dynamic clusters of movement. His group pieces, including the recent productions for the Bavarian State Ballet and the GöteborgsOperans Danskompani, exude power, while in his solos he seems to retract into internal micro-movements as in “Black Swan” where references to literature, film and the visual arts shine through. His pieces are always visual tour de forces. Architecture and objects, costumes and lighting have an exquisite functionality, the music penetrates our ears, moves everything forwards, and sometimes Siegal even sings. Or he asks the Munich Attac choir as well as Munich gay all-male folk dance group “d’Schwuhlplattler” to perform in his “©oPirates” show; the very name of this show reflects what the ex-Forsythe dancer finds especially moving: choreographic designs of community and exchange.
Katja Schneider

If/Then For Strings (2014)
4 performers

Black Swan (2012)
solo, stage 15 x 14 m, 45 min

Civic Mimic (2011)
6 performers,  stage 35 x 15 m, without grand stand, audience moves freely in space, 60 min

©oPirates (2010)
9 performers plus local performers, stage 6 x 5 m (roll riser, Layher construction), two different areas (club area and dance performance area), 90 min

As if stranger (2006)
4 performers, stage 11 x 14 m, audience on two sides of the stage, 50 min



Richard Siegal is the founder and artistic director of The Bakery. He has been awarded the New York Dance and Performance Bessie Award, the German theatre prize DER FAUST, the S.A.C.D. prize (Beaumarchais), the Mouson Award and in 2012 the Dance Award of the City of Munich. Richard Siegal’s pieces are characterised by his interdisciplinary work methods and his predilection for collaborations with architects such as Didier Faustino, designers such as Konstantin Grcic and composers such as Arto Lindsay or Lorenzo Bianchi. Siegal is a MacDowell Fellow and an honorary member of the Bolshoi Ballet’s Benoit de la Danse.