Johanna Roggan


“My productions are not only negotiated using aesthetic means but are also, in particular, captured through a very physical language of movement. This results in the emergence of highly emotional pieces. The themes I am currently focusing on are based on social references and the look at human abysses.”

Handkes Weiberabend / © David Pinzer



For Johanna Roggan, dance as a medium of physical expression can develop best within the context of other media arts. Therefore, it is a stroke of good luck that she has had the opportunity to engage in collaborations with HELLERAU – European Centre for the Arts Dresden and the Trans-Media-Akademie. Dance and installation, choreographic spatial designs, the seduction of an entire group and transforming (e)motion into movement are all existential necessities for her. In “wo es eben passt, Kapitel II”, two minutes and 30 seconds are enough to convey the experience of the inner conflict of a herd animal and his desire for individuality in a moving and emotional process. In the interactive hour “Handkes Weiberabend”, three women are forced to confront their own shadows. Choreographer Roggan manages to give everyday events something of the dignity of acceptability by virtue of visual and acoustic medial transfiguration. Freedom and the normative are important topics for her – be it freedom of movement in contradiction of prescribed norms of physical capabilities enhanced by medial contexts, or be it the sensitivity and fantasy with which she attempts to break through the boundaries of visibility – as in the installation of an almost entirely enclosed space within which a single dancer moves. The audience is allowed only brief glimpses and must also move about. And then it happens, ironically: it is almost impossible to see the dancer, but very soon, you become aware of your own performance and sense a bit of the monstrosity of selective experience in terms of the relativity of material boundaries.
Boris Gruhl

4 performers, stage 10 x 12 m, 60 min

wo es eben passt, Kapitel II (2012)
2 performers, no stage required, 30 min

Handkes Weiberabend (2012)
3 performers, stage 10 x 10 m, 60 min



Johanna Roggan/the guts company studied dance in Nuremberg, Berlin and Linz. From 2008 to 2010, she was living and working in Israel. In addition to her own productions, she also dances with various choreographers, works at theatres (Staatsschauspiel Dresden, Oldenburgisches Staatstheater) as a choreographer and co-director and gives workshops in contemporary dance, sound specific movement for interactive environments® and GYROKINESIS®. In 2013, she co-founded the dance company the guts company with Josefine Wosahlo.  During the first Tanzplattform Sachsen in May 2013, a jury awarded her work “wo es eben passt, Kapitel II” a co-production for a new piece in 2014, together with HELLERAU – European Centre for the Arts Dresden and the Societaetstheater Dresden.