Antje Pfundtner




“The next dance is exclusively for YOU. And this one is for ME!“

nimmer / © Anja Beutlernimmer / © Anja BeutlerAus der Reihe tanzen / © Simone Scardovelli



Sometimes all it takes is one word to spark Antje Pfundtner’s imagination – a word like “nimmer” (old-fashioned German for “never”), which has disappeared from common usage but still sounds familiar. Her piece of that name is about disappearing, too. It is a piece for children. Although Pfundtner did not originally have children in mind as a target group, they have inspired her all the more to question the nature of her audience. Once again, she employs her triedand- tested strategy of communication and negotiation. What she is negotiating – with verve and wit – is nothing less than art itself, and particularly the art of dance: its laws, forms of expression and narrative styles, its friction with personal and common history, to the point where, at best, dance becomes a celebration of life – for children and adults alike. Characteristic elements of Antje Pfundtner’s dance theatre are a blend of the mythological with the everyday, repetition as ceremony and ritualised movement. And above all, there is a curiosity that drives her to question our use of language. In Aus der Reihe tanzen, her latest group piece, she explores kinaesthesia through proverbs, sending four female and male dancers on an ingeniously artful trail that goes far beyond mere illustration. Antje Pfundtner has created her very own language in dance, distinguished by an unmistakeable interfusion of music, object, movement and speech. Sensitive and touching. And visibly light-footed.
Irmela Kästner

Antje Pfundtner & Anne Kersting

nimmer (2014)

Aus der Reihe tanzen (2015)

nimmer & nimmermehr (2015)

Im Angesicht des Endes (working title) (2016)



Antje Pfundtner received her training at the Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten. As well as her internationally acclaimed solo works as a dancer and choreographer, eigenSinn and TIM ACY, she has also worked on several group projects and collaborations including, most recently, Aus der Reihe tanzen (2015). Based in Hamburg, Antje Pfundtner was selected for the European dance network modul-dance. She has been a recipient of the Concept Grant of the City of Hamburg since the 2012/13 season and was pre-nominated for the George Tabori Prize in 2014. Since 2012 she has been working with dramaturge Anne Kersting as “Antje Pfundtner in Gesellschaft” (APiG) on stage works as well as on various other artistic formats, exploring the subject of hospitality and the role of the host.