Nicole Peisl

“In the choreographic work I have created during recent years, I examine the realities of a performance – namely, the space of the performance and that which is performed. The ingredients: triumph and defeat, silence and gestures, sound, humour, posture as well as objects and/or performers and the perceptions of the body in action as organising tools.”

VIELFALT / © Dominik Mentzos



A character resembling something Buster Keaton might dream up steps out of the back of the room: red baseball cap, moustache, a spring in his step. He takes in the room like a ball boy, following an invisible game, his gaze and his entire, alert body locks onto a spot between himself and the audience. The spectators cannot help but follow this gaze, tensing their muscles, measuring the space. In “SPIELFELD I” (2011), Nicole Peisl transforms dancer Norbert Pape into a substitute or master of ceremonies for the audience. The work of dancer and choreographer Peisl, skilled in many forms of physical training and healing arts, explores the multiple ways that bodies perceive and communicate within a space. How does movement transform a space? How is perception changed as the focus of awareness shifts? Her interest lies in the communication of body to body, both between the dancers themselves as well as between them and the audience – and she develops this communication into an instrument, which she can play both delicately and with detailed accuracy. She plays with the corporeal transmissions that are anyway always present in order to refer the spectator back to his or her own body – as in “SPIELFELD II” (2013), a commentary on the first part. In this part, together with dramaturge Johanna Milz, she reflects upon her own production process – not without describing their present physical conditions at that very moment and in doing so also draws the spectator back to that space between his shoulder blades, back to land on his buttocks. All of a sudden, the communicative acts become aesthetic ones; reflection turns into the production of art.
Esther Boldt

SPIELFELD I & II ( 2013)
4 performers, stage flexible, 25 min

Spielfeld (2011)
solo, stage flexible, 25 min

2 performers, stage 18 x 20 m, 42 min

solo, stage 16 x 8 m, 40 min



Nicole Peisl, born in Austria, has been working as a freelance dancer, performer, choreographer and teacher since the mid-nineties. She is a member of The Forsythe Company. Previously, she was a member of the Ballett Frankfurt and she has also worked as a freelance dancer with various choreographers including Anouk van Dijk, Joseph Tmim, the Episode Collective (with Richard Siegal und Prue Lang), and with the Daghdha Dance Company (Michael Klien). Peisl has developed a distinct physical research methodology drawing on her work as a performer, teacher and choreographer.  
She is a guest professor at DOCH University of Dance and Circus, Sweden, and is a certified practitioner of Craniosacral Therapy (Milne Institute) and Somatic Experiencing (Peter Levine).