Lea Martini



“Our existence is manifested in the body. Why, then, shouldn’t we examine important discourses directly with our physicality? I imagine the body as a kinaesthetic sounding board for our society, in which many different forces are directly combined.”

Deeply really truly / © April Gertlerundead & delicious / © André WunstorfParamount Movement / © André Wunstorf



In medieval society, the suspicion began to arise that dance could strike and afflict people like an epidemic disease. Lea Martini’s current project series, “Dancing Plague”, takes this idea much further than merely using it as context. From constantly changing perspectives, she seeks those parts of our personal and societal constructed identities that try to evoke unity and consistency, both inwardly and outwardly, which – being fragile and porous – are actually disintegrating from the outset. This is where the body reveals its susceptibility to being affected and infected by mass movements, prone to follow them with extreme dedication and the willingness to and capacity for complete overexertion. Whether fanatically and euphorically triumphant or striking heroic dying poses, whether making gestures and performing actions of unbridled love, boundless enthusiasm, unconditional devotion or remorseful repentance – in ever new contexts, Lea Martini’s choreographies make the audience aware of the infectious potential of collective and collectivisable movements and their multifaceted forms in politics, art, religion and pop. The translation of the movement material into transparent choreographic structures allows observers to engage affirmatively, not patronisingly, with the ambivalent dynamics of manipulation, exploitation and seduction. In the end, it is left up to them to decide whether the dance plague is the disease, a symptom or perhaps an attempt at a (self-)cure.
Marcus Droß    

Deeply Really Truly (2013)
3 performers, stage 6 x 6 m, 60 min

Paramount Movement (2012)
2 performers, stage 9 x 9 m, 60 min

Undead & Delicious  (2011)
3 performers, stage 8 x 8 m, 60 min

memor I am  (2010)
3 performers, stage 8 x 8 m, 36 min

TRIP (2008)
3 performers, stage 8 x 8 m, 56 min



Lea Martini is a fan, mole, choreographer and dancer. Her interest in physical intensities prompted her to train in contemporary dance in Berlin and study choreography in Arnhem and Amsterdam. She is co-founder of various collaborations such as the performance collective White Horse. A version of their worldwide touring performance “Trip” adapted for Dansgroup Amsterdam was awarded the Het Zwaan dance prize in 2011. As part of Deter/Müller/Martini, she co-created works analysing the relationship between physicality and mediality in various ways. Lea Martini has developed three duets in collaboration with Hilde Elbers, Diego Agulló and Rodrigo Sobarzo de Larraechea. She also works with young people in contexts such as Het Lab in Utrecht, the HOUSECLUB in HAU Hebbel am Ufer in Berlin and the school project “Learning by Moving” in Freiburg.