Alexandra Waierstall




“I wish to detach the gaze from the ordinary and the everyday and redirect it to the imaginary, something beside, above and under, dreamlike and yet functional, grounded and hidden.”

A CITY SEEKING ITS BODIES / © Christian HerrmannA CITY SEEKING ITS BODIES / © Christian HerrmannA CITY SEEKING ITS BODIES / © Christian Herrmann



Alexandra Waierstall first introduced herself to her new home Dusseldorf with Crossing Borders, a piece inspired by her divided home city of Nicosia in Cyprus. Something of that also filters through into her most recent work, A CITY SEEKING ITS BODIES, as well as something of the path she has trod with her following works, always in her own quiet way, trusting her metier. These choreographies pass a sophisticated attentiveness onto the audience: an ability to notice a shift in colours, forms, spaces, perspectives, people and the relationship between them. In the process, the artist detaches the gaze away from what is there onto what is alongside, in between or outside, imaginary and yet real, like wind or clouds, a water current, time, brilliance. Onto something that used to be in a place, or something that will be there later, in the same way that one sees oneself reflected in one’s parents or children. It is a game with distances, with huge distances in the smallest space, a deferral, an interleaving, a remembering or a crossing. A CITY SEEKING ITS BODIES initially follows a current, it is Marianna Christofides’ camera eye looking across the river to a riverbank. Yet another border. The city that her body seeks is a world of crossings, of being stranded, of entrances and exits, of being entrenched and being uprooted, of being caught up and of resisting, of hectic and of floating. And so the six dancers remind us of stones, vegetation, animals, of little mechanical parts, like people who are seeking their city always somewhere they are not.
Melanie Suchy




And here we meet (working title) (2016)
a duet for Dani Brown & Evangelia Randou John Cage

Sixteen Dances (1950-51) (2016)
Ensemble Musikfabrik & Alexandra WaierstallNew work with







Alexandra Waierstall is a choreographer and artist born in England, raised in Cyprus and who has lived in Dusseldorf since 2004. Her conceptual/physical works are expressed in choreographies, installations, sounds and texts. From 2014 to 2016 she is one of three socalled Factory Artists in residence at the tanzhaus nrw. She received the City of Düsseldorf NRW award for Most Promising Artist in 2013. In 2012 she was a finalist for the Rolex Mentor and Protégé Arts Initiative. Her choreographic work has been selected and supported by networks such as Aerowaves, Modul Dance, IDEE – Initiatives in Dance through European Exchange as well as Chin-A-moves. Her works have been shown in Europe, Canada, Brazil, Korea and China.