Dani Brown

“My artistic work feeds into a general fascination evolving around the question, "how to encounter the human being as well as all other beings in a way that leads us to new perspectives on how we can relate to each other?" Imagine an encounter which is at once scary and beautiful – like magic itself, an encounter which blasts open what we presume we know, that challenges the conventions which we take for granted. I have a profound respect for my encounter with an audience, this group of strangers and myself caught in a phenomenological moment – a moment which will never ever be repeated.”

How do you imagine the devil? / © DKB SchmidtHow do you imagine the devil? / © DKB SchmidtHow do you imagine the devil? / © DKB Schmidt



An exclusive lawyer’s office in Berlin. The same building as the Waldorf Astoria luxury hotel. A tastefully dressed American woman points through the tall windows to the Bikini Berlin shopping mall currently under construction at Berlin Bahnhof Zoo (Zoo train station). She seems to fit in perfectly: in this conference room that automatically records all conversations. Dani Brown directs our gaze to the window. On the other side of the street, a roof balcony with a swimming pool is planned. “Bikini Berlin”, she sings. We turn to her. She has almost nothing on, just her skimpy bikini – and she is singing to us. Dani Brown is: the embodiment of seduction to buy and become intoxicated. Her performances are at the limit. She is risk personified, and seduction is the essence of her one-woman art. In 2012, she presented her solo show “How do you imagine the devil?” at Kampnagel in Hamburg. The devil appears live in the form of a woman who comes from a small city on Lake Ontario in New York State. Drug-related crime and vulgar displays of wealth go hand in hand. Deceit and malice are found on both sides. Imagining the devil means looking closely at those wearing fine clothes or their last shirt. Dani Brown embodies both. She knows where she comes from: not just from a dance school. By dancing across the limits of art fields with her unbelievable voice, she banks completely on a physically controlled excitement – and on her endearingly insolent humour. She got that from the devil in person.

Arnd Wesemann

3 performers, stage 70 m², 80 min

How do you imagine the devil? (2012)
solo, stage 50 m², 60 min

4 performers, stage 70 m², 60 min



Dani Brown was born and raised in Rochester, New York. After various cultural exchanges Dani completed her Bachelor of Dance, specialisation Dance Maker at the ArtEZ, College of Art in Arnhem – formerly the European Dance Development Centre. In 2005 Dani co-founded FINGERSIX, a collective of five artists. Today she is based between Hamburg and Berlin and works internationally as freelance choreographer, performer, dramaturge, and teacher.