Barbara Fuchs





“The central interest of our work is to research theatre as a synesthetic space and make it tangible.”




A dance trilogy about emotions is a challenge that would prompt some to pull out all the dramatic stops. Not so in the case of Cologne-based choreographer Barbara Fuchs. When she takes the emotional theme full-on, she defuses the hysteria. Instead, she analyses the physical manifestations of shame and lust with academic detachment. Metamorphosing slowly and with relish, she peels away layers of civilisation to reveal the yowling beast within, and present the human nervous system as a dance installation, consisting of a mesh of moving cables. At the ends of each, there are speakers, constantly beeping, twittering and buzzing – a neuronal network that never sleeps. To her, dance is an acoustic process, and she has found a congenial working partner in Cologne, composer Jörg Ritzenhoff. Together they “bug” the body, or arrange their startled, gasping dancers in panting, sighing chants. Fuchs’ works are distinguished by a defiant coolness. They are formally tight yet always witty. Recently she has gained national recognition as a trendsetter, by discovering a gap in the market for dance for the under-threes, which was offered in Belgium and the Netherlands but not in Germany. Today, national and international theatres are keen to book her intriguingly titled productions, such as Kopffüßler (which roughly translates as “Headipede”) and Mampf (“Munch”). These performances are inspired by children’s unscrupulous curiosity – something that choreographer Barbara Fuchs has herself retained.
Nicole Strecker 

Alles im Eimer! – Buckets of Feeling! (2014)

DIS_ORDER eine neurale Feldstudie – DIS_ORDER a neural field study (2014)

foyer – eine auditiv-performative Installation – foyer – an auditory-performative Installation (2015)

Ein biografischer Raum – a biographical space (2016)

GUMMI – Schlauchspiel (2016)



The choreographer and performer Barbara Fuchs founded tanzfuchs PRODUKTION in Cologne in 2003. Installations and stage performances are created in a close cooperation with the composer Jörg Ritzenhoff; the focus of these works is on interweaving movement, electro-acoustic compositions and spatial conceptions. In the meantime, tanzfuchs PRODUKTION has created 18 solo and ensemble productions as well as seven pieces for young audiences that have been touring throughout Europe – in Great Britain, Ireland, Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Lithuania and Poland, among others. Barbara Fuchs was educated at the Folkwang University of the Arts in Essen and with James Saunders, among others, and danced in Paulo Ribeiro’s ensemble in Portugal, e.g.