Angela Guerreiro



“Embodiment, movement research, the inquiry of physical and mental states, social and political awareness are basic tools for my choreographic, teaching and mentoring work.”

The best. The worst. My everything! / © Tina RuisingerThe best. The worst. My everything! / © Tina RuisingerThe best. The worst. My everything! / © Tina Ruisinger



Today, investing in others is being appreciated less and less. But Angela Guerreiro doesn’t let that stop her. Although the dancer and choreographer is rarely seen on stage anymore, she has an equally successful impact in exchange platforms that aim to develop the entire field. She belongs to no institution and is commissioned by no one – but the scene can rely on her. One could easily call Angela Guerrero one of the last independent dance activists. She is an indefatigable lobbyist who acts independently of any fashion and despite crises. The DanceKiosk festival, which she founded in 2005, established her as a major player in her home city of Hamburg. Programmatically, the Portuguese artist with Angolan roots knows how to combine the global with the local in the best (dance) sense. Exchange is a self-evident cultural practice for her and doesn’t have to be insisted upon. In an additional project, Surving Dance – Kunst, Wirtschaft und Politik, she opens up a space to critically reflect on precarious working conditions, artistic visions and social responsibility. For her, dance means a participation that is understood as a practice of resistance, which prepares the stage for an up-and-coming generation. In her 2014 research project, The Live Legacy, she once again succeeded in connecting generations and in transporting history into a vibrant present day.
Irmela Kästner

Angela Guerreiro, dancer, choreographer, curator, producer, teacher and dance movement therapist was born in Lisbon and has been living in Hamburg since 1994. She studied at the Escola Superior de Dança, Lisbon, (1986-89) and at the Center for New Dance Development (EDDC), Arnhem (1989-91). From 1995 to 2002 she was choreographer in residence at Kampnagel in Hamburg, creating major works that toured nationally and internationally. From 2003 to 2005 she produced her solo work at independent theater spaces in Hamburg e.g. Exposure, and Memory Play. She was mentioned as “one of the last independent dance activists” in the tanz yearbook of 2011. At the moment she is working on the film documentation of The Live Legacy Project and was part of the project The best. The worst. My everything! initiated by Irmela Kästner.





Angela Guerreiro was born in Lisbon/Portugal in 1965 and studied classical dance at the Superior Dance School in Lisbon and at...(Excerpt from the Dance Platform ProgrammBUCH 2002)

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