Christian Möller und Stephen Galloway



Christian Möller und Stephen Galloway was portrayed in the Dance Platform ProgrammBUCH in 1996.

The complete portrait can be found in “Materials”.

Excerpt from the Dance Platform ProgrammBUCH 1996



Christoph Winkler has played a leading role in the Berlin dance scene (Sophiensæle and Ballhaus Ost) and in Leipzig (LOFFT) since the late 90’s. Winkler chooses his topics along the lines of current political debates, which he negotiates with the help of both language and dance. To this end, he works with international performers, who more often than not become discussion partners. The fact that the language of the body is not congruent with the narratives of the speakers during the process is one of the differences from which Winkler draws inspiration and wit.
Over the past four years, he has told us about production conditions in dance and the lives of dancers (“Taking Steps”), examined copyright in dance (“Dance! Copy! Right?”), and, in the trilogy “Böse Körper”, questioned the attractiveness of the bad boy. In his piece “RechtsRadikal”, which premiered in May 2013, four young women performed a trip towards radical self-redefinement. This time, the dancers did not speak. Their refusal to provide information was part of their break with all commitments. They provoked the audience with their glances, they flirted, they passed through phases of empowerment and disorientation. Film material produced a context of right-wing radicalism. The piece remained irritating in its ambiguity, its eschewal of sociological and political models of explanation. The title of Winkler’s most recent piece – “The True Face – Dance is Not Enough” – seems downright programmatic for the choreographer. For the investigation of what dance can really mean and what not, what context it is read in, runs like a common thread through Winkler’s work. This piece explores forms of political protest. Within this context, personal expression and social codes prove to be two very different things, leading to different interpretations and causing fierce fights between the dancers. Dance, so it seems, is also simply not enough for this choreographer.
Katrin Bettina Müller

Various productions from the repertoire are available for touring.

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Christoph Winker, born in Torgau, was originally a multiple Spartakiad winner in the disciplines of weight-lifting and judo and studied martial arts and breakdancing, before being delegated to classical ballet training at the National Ballet School Berlin. He then studied choreography at the Ernst Busch Academy of Dramatic Arts in Berlin for four years and founded Klangkrieg Produktionen, a label for experimental music. He has been working as an independent choreographer in Berlin since 1998. An important impetus of his work is finding dance topics that also refer to current ongoing discussions within society, while still directly pertaining to the art form. Current pieces: “Dance! Copy! Right?” (2012) on the subject of copyright, as well as “RechtsRadikal” and “Das Wahre Gesicht – Dance is Not Enough” in 2013. The solo “Baader – A Choreography of Radicalisation” was invited to the GERMAN DANCE PLATFORM 2012 and dancer Martin Hansen was subsequently named Dancer of the Year 2012 by the magazine tanz.