Saša Asentić & Ana Vujanović


“Why performance? – Because if the aesthetic domain is the ideal that shapes the social body then we should examine that until we become the ideal of some future society. Or because it is a rare space where we can still experiment with the past, present and future of the social, hacking its virtualities.”

On Trial Together / © Mladjana Sugic



Ana Vujanović and Saša Asentić have developed a distinctive approach to performance: it is a place (theatre) and an instrument (choreography) to interrogate spectators regarding how far they are prepared to act as citizens, and engage with the political and ideological issues that should concern them if they claim their part in the political life of the public. In Cabinet of Political Wonders (2015), they immerse the audience in a panoply of discursive traces around the concept of freedom from liberal capitalist democracy to socialism – political speeches, iconic images, documents, dances. In Revolution won’t be performed (2013-15), they walk the spectators through a choreographed history of positions and movements throughout the 20th century in which artists engaged their (aesthetic) means to politically intervene in society. On Trial Together (2013-15) is perhaps their most gripping work. As a series of social strategic games, it leaves no choice to the spectators but to participate in a “deep play”, wherein they must perform a role in an elaborated script involving social and political situations. In every new context, the performance is remade according to the concrete current issues that divide that society. Vujanović and Asentić reconnect us with other histories and political contexts in which a collective “we” might resurrect or be silenced.
Bojana Cvejić 

Revolution won’t be performed (2013-15)

On Trial Together (2013-15)

Cabinet of Political Wonders (2015)
co-authors: Siniša Ilić & Marta Popivoda
Take it or make it (2016)



Ana Vujanović is a performing arts and cultural theorist and dramaturge. Saša Asentić is a performance maker and performer. Both are cultural workers. They started working in the independent scene in Serbia. Due to disagreement with the corrupted public sector and right-wing renaissance, they left Serbia. They now live in Berlin and Hamburg. She writes, lectures and engages in performance making. His performance work has been presented across Germany and internationally. They work together on examining social choreography. Their artistic practice explores the relationships between the ideology, the body and the action. Their performances are vibrating structures, sensitive to the social situation they take place in. They constantly work on prolonging their resident permit in Germany.