Ian Kaler 



“I understand my work as a physical and creative practice that critically deals with representation, social norms and the politics of images while contributing to the creation of new ideas and perspectives in contemporary dance and beyond.”

o.T.(gateways to movement) / © Eva Würdingero.T.(gateways to movement) / © Eva Würdingero.T.(gateways to movement) / © Eva Würdinger



For Ian Kaler, the social body with its stratifications and surfaces is a means for reflecting social complexity. He generates patterns of movement between art and the culture of daily life based on the intensity of the physique: dance and club culture, space and representation, entanglement of gender and politics of representation belong to Kaler’s essential parameters. After his education – at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna and at the HZT Berlin – the choreographer from Vienna has been convincing audiences with his clear contemporary perspective since 2010. This had already made his first solo, Save a horse ride a cowboy, an insiders’ tip: a targeted dissection of the cowboy myth with the methods of Queer Theory. At the same time, he presented Untitled Stills, the beginning of his series Insignificant Others; its showpiece was probably the trio (learning to look sideways). In Philipp Gehmacher’s at arm’s length and in their name, Kaler was a performer with a marked presence. This continued in his own works, for example in the solo On Orientations | one place after, a remarkable statement in its precision and independence. From then on, Kaler widened his spectrum in group pieces such as On Orientations | Untimely Encounters and the series Contingencies. He is currently developing the cycle o.T.: the solo (the emotionality of the jaw) now followed by the duo (gateways to movement).
Helmut Ploebst

Reihe Contingencies (2014)

o.T. | (gateways to movement) (2015)
o.T. | (the emotionality of the jaw) (2015)

o.T. | (Incipient Futures) (2016)





Ian Kaler studied Transmedia Art in Vienna and completed the pilot study programme Contemporary Dance, Context, Choreography at the Inter-University Centre for Dance Berlin (HZT). Since 2010, he has been developing pieces in choreographic series in exchange with various artists; they are accompanied by works in (visual) media. Currently, Ian Kaler is working on the o.T. series, which is designed to have four parts. The premiere of (the emotionality of the jaw), the first piece of the series, took place at the Tanzquartier Vienna in February 2015. After the second part, ( gateways to movement), (Incipient Futures) will then follow in the fall of 2016. The final part of the series, a group piece, is planned for 2017.