Claudia Bosse

“I am interested in situating bodies in space and in time. The body is always acting in relation to something – to spaces, information, others, its own memories, language. Relational bodily formulation as a productive means of alienation, as a multiplication of one’s own perceptions.” 

catastrophic paradise / © Eva Würdingercatastrophic paradise/ © Eva Würdingerurban laboratory IDEAL PARADISE fragment 18 / © Bärbel Müller



In concrete spaces – an urban wasteland, an ethnological museum or a Caritas store – Claudia Bosse addresses their stories and inherent movements. No “new”, composed spaces are created, but rather spaces that are discovered through their use. Examined through movement modules, sound and light traces, documents and objects, penetrated by a temporal structure and placed in possible social contexts, they make reference to a historic, political and geographic body and to thought spaces that lie beyond their own boundaries. In these works, situated between performance and installation, the performers’ bodies as well as recorded voices placed within objects and architecture are essential protagonists, while the audience’s bodies activate and compliment the scene set out within the spatial choreography. In the multi-part project IDEAL PARADISE, her gaze moves between these spaces and a politically and economically linked world. Through her questions on territory, racism and rituals, which she sees as the driving forces of society, Bosse moulds each aspect of her spaces, as well as the bodies and materials that expand within them; the motor used to generate aesthetic tools is the voices of contributors from various disciplines and of people from diverse cultural contexts as well as world news and analyses from sociology and architectural theory; these instruments expose the interrelationships within the political realities that surround us.
Silke Bake

catastrophic paradise (2014)

thoughts meet space athens (2014)

what about catastrophes? (2014)

a first step to IDEAL PARADISE (2015)

a second step to IDEAL PARADISE (2015)

a third step to IDEAL PARADISE (2015)

thoughts meet space cairo (2015)
in cooperation with Günther Auer urban laboratory



IDEAL PARADISE clash (2016)

IDEAL PARADISE transition (2016)



Claudia Bosse is an artist, choreographer and artistic director of theatercombinat. After studying directing for theatre at the University of Dramatic Arts Ernst Busch in Berlin, she worked on installations, (site) choreography, as well as theatre and urban intervention. She generated politische Hybride (political hybrids) as site-specific settings with placed bodies and applied various media. Claudia Bosse develops international installations and works for museums, architectures, theatres and city spaces. She teaches, gives lectures, publishes, initiates and takes part in research projects, and continuously works with artists and theoreticians in different genres. At present she is working on a multi-form cycle IDEAL PARADISE.