“We produce contemporary portraits of groups, situations and conditions for the stage and/or screen with the use of choreography and media art. In doing so, movement and presence discover a language that lies beyond conventions.”

GRAND JETÉ / © Stefan GloedeChoreografische Bilder im Feld/ © Stefan GloedeMein Touristenführer / © Sirko Knüpfer



The group of artists that makes up KOMBINAT likes to make objects dance, to link the seemingly unrelated and to create lightness out of the everyday. Plastic bags dance in the wind at a bus stop. Trolley cases perform a ballet. A theatre group trained in Prussian discipline sinks into a lake while divers swim circles around them with the soft beats of their flippers. Commonplace gestures, like folding one’s arms or scratching one’s head, are passed on as movement-memes from group to group and so become a special communicative vocabulary. Choreographer Paula E. Paul and film and video artist Sirko Knüpfer have created their very own art form. Mostly it involves choreographing objects and groups of people. The dance floor is often a landscape, which also might be a town, and then revert to a landscape, like a disused, slowed-down space in which to move. Poetry arises when the objects and figures are touched, sometimes by each other, sometimes merely by the observers’ gaze. Poetry also arises as a result of the time that the 2009-founded ensemble allows for images to crystallise. The art medium varies. It can be a video installation, like in Choreografische Bilder im Feld, a short film like those of the Stop & Motion series, a stage production like GRAND JETÉ, or the associative music theatre with self-balancing electric scooters between observation islands as in their latest work mein Touristenführer. Each project brings forth its own specific presentation format – a sign of great artistic authority.
Tom Mustroph

GRAND JETÉ – Tanz und Film Theater über Absprünge und Landungen und die Migration von Erfahrung (2014)

VOYAGE-VOYAGE – Kurzfilm über die Lust am Fahren in der Freizeit (2015)

mein Touristenführer – Musiktheater und Elektro- Scooter-Ballett über Kunst und Politik der Mobilität (2016)



The choreographer Paula E. Paul and the media artist Sirko Knüpfer join their artistic talents and perspectives to create works that combine performance, dance and film. Since 2009, over 12 such common productions have been created for indoor and outdoor spaces. People of different professions and ages were included in these processes. KOMBINAT produces in Potsdam and has shown its works at the RADIALSYSTEM V, Dock11, general public Berlin, DKW Art Museum Cottbus and repeatedly at the fabrik Potsdam, among others, as well as at the following festivals: International Dance Festival Dresden HELLERAU, dañsefabrik Brest, EMAF Osnabrück, Tanztage Potsdam, TANZ IM AUGUST in Berlin. They were recently awarded the 1st prize of the CHOREOGRAPHIC CAPTURES 2016 competition.