Overhead Project

“The work of the acrobat entails playing with boundaries and limits – and physical risk. All those times in life when you metaphorically fall, catch yourself, and get up again are reflected literally in the movement vocabulary of the acrobat.”

Carneval of the body / © Till BöckerCarneval of the body / © MEYER ORIGINALSCarneval of the body / © MEYER ORIGINALS



Here something is standing on its head or is sticking right up over its head. Tim Behren and Florian Patschovsky are dancers, choreographers – and something more besides. When one of them perches on the other’s bent knee, lies laterally across his stomach, jumps onto him, rolls off him or stands on his shoulders, or on his hands or on his head, it becomes apparent that they are acrobats. As such they are not interested in astonishment or plaudits for their so-called tricks, but they build their ability into dance pieces or movement theatre, where surreal moments happen, so an astonishment of another kind. However different the two might be, what is fascinating is the equilibrium in their performances: how fragile it is – yet how beautiful too – when they finally achieve that moment of two people being completely attuned to each other. The trust, the silent proximity, how they position the level and liftings – Overhead, and the choreographers who work with them transform all of that in poetic, humanely-touching or comic-grotesque moments. In their duet Carnival of the body, for example, under blazing lights they grow into a triumphal victory pose and follow this up by gently ripping apart all the loud body and fight posturing of professional wrestling with dry humour. The watching, the attacks, the pauses, the re-inflaming, the shrill victory celebrations and the complaints of the losers. An opponent who is an extremely precise collaborator, just as in acrobatics. Finally, in the presentation of this wanting to perform one can observe an angling for masculine postures, and a salute to stagecraft.
Melanie Suchy 

The boy who cries wolf (2014)

Carnival of the body (2015)

Penumbra (2015)

Dog and Cat (working title) (2016)

Francis Bacon (2016)

X [iks] (2016)




Overhead Project is the acrobat and choreographer duo Tim Behren and Florian Patschovsky, who have been creating works together at the intersection of contemporary circus, dance and performance since 2008. Following their training as partner acrobats at the Brussels École Supérieure des Arts du Cirque, and six years in the company-collective HeadFeedHands, they started creating their own works as Overhead Project, including Carnival of the body in 2015. They have created guest choreographies for the Dance Company Nanine Linning / Theater Heidelberg and Konzert Theater Bern, and received several awards, including the Berner Tanzpreis, NoBallet Ludwigshafen and SzoloDuo Budapest. In November 2015 Overhead Project was awarded the Advancement Award of the Federal State of NRW.