Tian Rotteveel

“I believe sound and movement are processes that can unfold into meaning and signification but as well can unfold into mere intensification and sensation. I think vulnerability puts things in perspective. To my mind there is no way you can pretend otherwise.”

HEARTCORE / © André Wunstorfnew out / © Roberta PetzoldtSOULSQEEZING / © Plesna Izba Maribor



Composer and choreographer Tian Rotteveel lives and works in Berlin. In his work he explores the specific characteristics of sound and movement, the combination between the two and their relationship with the surrounding world. Like a scientist, he dissects them, places them under a microscope and zooms in or very far out, with most surprising results. His work creates a new relationship between sound, movement and space: they become the echo or the origin of one another. Thus, the viewer is forced to look and listen in a different manner and to continuously change his expectations, creating an exciting, disorienting effect. In Soulsqueezing (2012), a performance which he composed and choreographed, and in which he himself sings and dances, Rotteveel moves his body according to conventional dictate on a long, bare stripped R&B-song of which only the essence, a warm, pulsating bass is left. On top of this conditioned, well-known rhythm Rotteveel erects a surprising ode to ontology. First he observes his body and how it relates to the space, a chair, the wall, the audience. Zooming out, while becoming more and more desperate, he finally delves into existential themes like the vulnerability of mankind and the limitations of everyday life. Thus, he succeeds in making Soulsqueezing a most surprising physical and philosophical study that works within unexpected parameters.
Herien Wensink 

Soulsqueezing (2012)

Propellor (2014)

Golden Game (2015)
Collaboration with Claire Vivanne Sobottke 

Heartcore (2016)




Tian Rotteveel studied Music in Holland at the Royal Conservatory The Hague and Utrecht Conservatory (2004-2009) and completed a Master’s Degree in Music Composition. Following that, he took up Dance and Choreography studies, first at Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance (SEAD) in 2010 and then at the Interuniversity Centre for Dance Berlin (HZT) where, in 2014, he earned a B.A. in Dance, Context, Choreography. He is committed to an artistic practice of treating sound, speech and movement production as interchangeable with each other. He made his debut in the dance community with his solo Soulsqueezing (2012). He has been collaborating with Jeanine Durning, David Zambrano, Jeremy Wade, Tino Sehgal, Martin Nachbar, Hermann Heisig and others, and has been teaching his practices at dance companies such as Meg Stuart/Damaged Goods, at dance training centres and at festivals.