Anna Till


“My artistic work operates at the limits of the legibility of movement. The alternation between abstraction and recognisable form creates irritations. Minimal shifts open up a new view onto the human body.”

Flat Scream / © Vojtech BrtnickyFlat Scream / © Vojtech BrtnickyWhat happens next / © Martina Gamine



In her choreographic practice, Anna Till persistently moves the dancing body into the centre of attention. With an insatiable curiosity, she explores physical and day-to-day movements, questions their materiality, aesthetics and perception. Instead of creating big narratives, she follows basic questions relating to the interaction and meetings between bodies and the aesthetics of daily life. Thus, her stage pieces Flat Scream (2014) and What happens next (2015) are marked by a focus on pure movement as well as by the contrast between analytic clarity and playful irritation. In her choreographies, Anna Till creates multiple associative spaces full of poetry, with the use of conscious reduction and abstraction. In the TANZFONDS ERBE project undo, redo and repeat (2014), she studies the storage, dissemination and repetition of a danced past. Here the dancers feel the meaning of physical memory and bodily presence in the process of transmission, translation and appropriation of kinaesthetic knowledge. Till and Ciupke weave a dense multi-media project that combines performance, exhibition and web archive, going beyond the boundaries of classic choreographic stage work. Central to Anna Till’s dance and choreographic creations is the incessant questioning of her own medium in an interdisciplinary, collective exchange: collaboration as artistic practice is thus her secret. In the interplay among the arts and by testing multiple formats, she constantly conquers new perspectives and spaces for dance and choreography.
Cindy Denner 

Flat Scream (2014)

Ich und Du ist nicht gleich Wir (2014)
Johanna Roggan & Anna Till

undo, redo & repeat (2014)
Christina Ciupke & Anna Till, a TANZFONDS ERBE project

Achse, Ader, Zeh – nicht aufhören zu erzählen (2015)
Ulrike Feibig, Juliane Schmidt & Anna Till

dimensional (2015)
Johanna Roggan, Romy Schwarzer & Anna Till

What happens next (2015)

parallel situation (2016) 



Anna Till studied Dance, Context, Choreography at the Inter-University Centre for Dance Berlin (HZT) and Cultural Sciences in Lüneburg. She develops stage projects in shifting collaborations with artists of different genres that are shown nationally and internationally. HELLERAU – European Centre for the Arts is an important partner and workplace in Dresden. She develops interdisciplinary exhibition formats together with contemporary art institutions. In 2013/14 she realised the TANZFONDS ERBE project undo, redo and repeat with Christina Ciupke. In 2015, she was a choreographer in residence in Košice in Slovakia on invitation of the Goethe-Institut. In 2016, she will take part in the TURN project Shifting Realities.