Wang Ramirez

“The choreografic work is always a bit of a self-analysis – a constant development of ourselves, embodied within the dancers and supported by music, lights, costumes, installations. It can be compared with the painter, who begins with an empty page – our page is the stage.”

AP 15 / © Nika KramerBorderline / © Frank SzafinskiMonchichi / © Morah Geist



She is German-Korean, he is from the South of France and has Spanish parents. They met through hip-hop, became a couple and began to create an artistic flexibility out of the patchwork of their personal identities, thanks to which they continue to pursue new choreographic paths. Their pieces reflect the reality of modern urban life and analyse not only personal relationships but also social interdependences. Even their very beginnings in hip-hop – he was athletic, she was musical and poetic – reflected their respective cultural backgrounds. They staged this clash of the two worlds with great humour in Monchichi, a duet that established them as subtle authors and interpreters of a new kind of dance theatre. Since 2013 they have been developing a new approach to connect hip-hop with other forms of expression. In Borderline, a piece for five dancers, a rigger is also incorporated into the events and takes an active role instead of remaining invisible in the background. The dancers play around with weightlessness, elasticity and resistance whilst hanging on ropes for some of the time. This creates a spatial plane that enables the issues of freedom and equilibrium to be questioned metaphorically. In their latest creation, Mise en scène Wang and Ramirez take this research even further and aim to incorporate the apparatus of the rigger as a central scenographic element. Here the dancers themselves become riggers. Hip-hop is mixed with martial arts, lifts, floor acrobatics and vertical dance, to open up new possibilities of expression.
Thomas Hahn 

Felahikum (2015)

Mise en Scène (2016) 



Wang Ramirez is a choreography duo. Sébastien Ramirez and Honji Wang have developed a broad repertoire that ranges from duos to larger dance-theatre performances, produced with the support of important international co-producers, invited by major theatres and festivals. Wang Ramirez received important awards and accolades: at no ballet – the International Choreography Competition Ludwigshafen, the International Choreography Competition Hanover (2012), the New York Bessie Award (2013) and a nomination for the Rolex Mentor and Protégé Arts Initiative programme, amongst others. Both developed a conceptual dance performance for the opening celebration of the arts space MADE in Berlin. They participated in the design phase of Madonna’s Rebel Heart Tour 2015/16 in New York City and developed a choreography for her live show.